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allantoic membrane, amnion, amniotic sac, arachnoid membrane, basement membrane, coat, coating, collop, conjuctiva, covering, cut, deal, disk, eardrum, enamel, facing, feuille, film, flap, foil, fold, fur, hymen, lacquer, lamella, lamina, laminated glass, laminated wood, lap, leaf, maidenhead, membrana serosa, membrana tympana, membrane, meninges, meninx, neurilemma, paint, pane, panel, patina, peel, pericardium, perineurium, plait, plank, plate, plating, pleura, ply, plywood, rasher, revetment, safety glass, scale, scum, serosa, sheet, skin, slab, slat, slice, table, tablet, tympanic membrane, tympanum, varnish, velum, veneer, wafer

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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  • Pellicle — may refer to:*Pellicle (mycology), the outermost layer of a mushroom; often used only for a surface that is viscid and easily peels. *Pellicle (biology), a thin layer supporting the cell membrane in various protozoa *Pellicle mirror, a thin… …   Wikipedia

  • Pellicle — Pel li*cle, n. [L. pellicula, dim. of pellis skin: cf. F. pellicule.] 1. A thin skin or film. [1913 Webster] 2. (Chem.) A thin film formed on the surface of an evaporating solution. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • pellicle — 1540s, from L. pellicula “small or thin skin,” dim. of pellis “skin, leather, parchment, hide” (see FILM (Cf. film)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • pellicle — [pel′i kəl] n. [L pellicula, dim. of pellis, skin: see FELL4] 1. a thin skin or film, as on a photographic emulsion or on a liquid 2. Zool. a thin nonliving membrane secreted by animal cells, as the envelope covering many protozoans pellicular… …   English World dictionary

  • pellicle — (pel ī k l) A relatively rigid layer of proteinaceous elements just beneath the plasma membrane in many protozoa and algae. The plasma membrane is sometimes considered part of the pellicle …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • pellicle — pellicular /peuh lik yeuh leuhr/, pelliculate /peuh lik yeuh lit, layt /, adj. /pel i keuhl/, n. 1. a thin skin or membrane; film; scum. 2. Photog. a thin, partially reflective coating, as on a beam splitter or pellicle mirror. [1535 45; < L… …   Universalium

  • pellicle —   n. membrane; film.    ♦ pellicular, a.    ♦ pelliculate, a. covered with pellicle …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • pellicle — noun Etymology: Middle French pellicule, from Medieval Latin pellicula, from Latin, diminutive of pellis Date: 1541 a thin skin or film: as a. an outer membrane of some protozoans (as euglenoids or paramecia) b. a film that reflects a part of the …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • pellicle — a glossy film on the cut surface of a fish during dripping due to swelling of protein under the influence of brine and subsequent surface drying in the smoking kiln …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • pellicle — n. [L. pellis, skin] A thin skin, film or layer …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • pellicle — The outer covering of a protozoan: the plasma membrane plus underlying reinforcing structures, for example the membrane bounded spaces (alveoli) just below the plasma membrane in ciliates …   Dictionary of molecular biology